Good relations are key to Competition Law compliance.

Competition law compliance secret #2: Good relations with your distribution network, customers and competitors are good for your business.

While an informal complaint to DG COMP may not be investgated, its effect on your business will be immediate and possibly expensive should an inquiry be opened, whether or not the complaint has any merit.

Note that any individual can file an informal complaint via the DG COMP web site complaint form.

What do I recommend to preserve good relations?

1. Take any negative feedback from your partners, customers and competitors seriously. This means taking positive action to remedy any situation and documenting such actions;

2. Have a clear policy on communication with competitors, partners and customers and a defined escalation path (through compliance or legal) for complaints from any 3rd parties; and

3. Be honest with partners and customers and never show favoritism that can’t be justified by qualitative facts and only after vetting with your legal counsel.



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