The human factor: Dassault nEUROn drone blueprints stolen.

In an incident right out of a Bond film, Le Parisien newspaper reported Wednesday that documents related to Dassault Aviations’s nEUROn stealth drone were stolen at Paris’ Gare du Nord train station.

The theft was carried out using a common pickpocket distraction technique where one of the executives carrying the documents quit a ticket queue (and left his briefcase) to come to the aid of his travelling companion who was being harassed by a vocal young man. When he returned, his briefcase was obviously gone, probably on its way to a competitor.

Dassault Aviation PR says no sensitive documents were taken.

This scenario is ripe for addition to a training deck on document management and how to behave in public. It’s a shame for Dassault but I’m sure their compliance department is having fun debriefing all concerned.

Photo: Dassault Aviation.

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